Template Blank in Browser

Yesterday I purchased the ThemeForest template. I uploaded everything to my server and the original template looks fine on my browser, but when I change the name, like from index.html to index-home.html, the template does not show up. My browser is blank. The source code is there, but the screen is blank. I’ve used other templates before and never had this problem.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thank you.

Why would you need to modify that?

Basically, you can’t adjust this without making changes to your server settings because if someone visits http://www.yoursite.com/, thn the Web server will need to choose a default page, because the URL address doesn’t include a file name.

Thank you charlie4282.

I did get it to finally show up in my browser and I am using index-test.html.

The reason I didn’t want to give it index.html right away, is I’m hoping to use it on an old, but regularly used website I have. It’s going to take me time to customize is it to what I need, so I don’t want it public yet.

Thanks again.