tem approve but in hidden item category

please help. my item received a notification that it was received, but my item is in hidden items. to my knowledge hidden items are soft rejected. then I re-upload the item but on the queue it has a description of re-submission disabled. can anyone help?

go to your Hidden Items page there you will find your item. click on that item then go to History there you will see the issue you have to fix. fix those issue and then go to Edit of the item and submit the update to get review by the reviewer. if all issue fix done reviewer will approve the item.

The first email I got was that the item was received, but why did the item go to the hidden item page? if it’s a soft rejection, the email I got should not have been approved

I don’t know behind the scene but have you checked your inbox, spam and junk? is there any email about soft reject with the issues? best thing will be submit the update (all issues fix) and it will be ready for sale.

what I’m asking here is if the item was soft rejected, why did the email I get was approved

no one in the forum know what happened behind the scene. You should Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will give you official answer.

hi maybe someone complained you copied or something, this is not impossible , so that they consider and “put on hold the item” for a while or really withdrew it , I am not sure I guess what Mgscoder recommended is the right thing to do , just contact the help center this is easier

apparently because the font size I used was too small, here the reviewer’s mistake was not telling me what to fix, but in the end the item was approved hehe

if so, almost no business card whatsoever should be approved here … LOL