Tell your feedback about a wordpress magazine theme before submit

Hi guys,

I made a blog and magazine wordpress theme and want to submit it to themeforest.
Please look at that and feedback me for any issues or suggestions.
I don’t want to get reject message :slight_smile:
Your advice will be helpful to success in publishing my first wp theme :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You may still need to improve the general design/typo

I think it’s fine, but, as many do, the theme landing page is usually done in a hurry.

That particular page is the one to be seen by the most traffic and if you don’t get that right it just might ruin the whole experience (for reviewer too), so, make that landing page at least x2 better than the actual template.


Also give homepages a name, blog layouts too. Cheers!

Can you tell me an example please?

Thank you. I’ll try to improve the landing page.