Tell us which Studio Monitors do you use?

Hi guys,

I just bought my self a pair of Adam F7 as a slight (or not so slight?!) improvement to my Behringer Truth 2030A.

I knew it before, but now I am even more convinced how much of an important role the studio monitors play in producing/mixing/mastering process. I mean, they give you the whole picture of what you are doing, or you are comparing with while you are listening other people’s work.

The difference I see now with my upgrade is huge: I have cleaner more concrete sound and wide specter of frequency responses which gives me more precise picture of what I am doing and what I want to achieve with my songs.

So which studio monitors do you use and have you made a comparison in quality with your ‘ex’-pair of monitors?

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Yamaha HS-50M. I use them for many years, even sold and then re-bought a pair during a big move, so cannot compare. As long as they are decent professional quality from there on it’s probably all about learning your particular room/monitors combination.

3 sets I switch between: Yamaha NS10M, Auratone 5c Cubes, and Event 20/20s.

I used Yamaha NS10M Studios for tracking and Behringer Truth 203A for mixing for a long time but have replaced them with Tannoy 601a’s (Active) for both purposes. I’m very happy with them for the price.

macbook pro built in speakers for tracking/mixing and iphone headphones for mastering.


Adam a8 for both.

My monitor line Even TR8-Adam F5-JBL LSR305. More than proper monitors you need to treat acoustically your room. My mixes improved after i fixed almost all problems with reflections in my home studio.

Alesis M1 Active Mk2 - but most of the time i´m working on headphones because my room is not really good :confused:

I had used some passive 24 year old JBL home stereo speakers and stereo tuner/amp until just recently, when I got a pair of M-Audio BX8 D2. Although I haven’t used them in a session yet, I have listened to some old tracks and like them much better. A friend of mine who owns a major studio uses Adam, and they always sound great through his 64 track SSL board. They are way out of my price range, and I found these for $219 a pair from Sam Ash Direct on eBay. I think that referencing songs that were recorded in a big time studio on almost any system is the most important thing. I have been away from my home and used some very cheap plastic Sony headphones for a couple of months. They were plugged into a laptop and I got approved on several songs over the last few months, all were tracks that were previously recorded but not mixed down. So I’m pretty sure any speaker or headphone will work if you can just compare some music you know and love. Now I’m gonna have to get use to all new speakers, and for me that takes a while.

Yamaha msp7 but i want

Alesis Monitor One Mk2.

Tannoy Reveal 501, the best monitors in that price range. Better than KRK Rockit 5 in my opinion :slight_smile:



Event Electronics ASP6. I’ve had them for 15 years and still like them. I also recently added an Avantone Mixcube for monitoring in mono . They really help me dial in instrument volumes during the mix stage.

Just upgraded to Adam A8X x2. Love them. Just beautiful.

JBlanks said

Just upgraded to Adam A8X x2. Love them. Just beautiful.

I shall have to send you some stuff to test them!

Mackie MR5 MKII monitors here but soon upgrading to Adam’s :smiley:

Samson Resolv SE6

Adam audio A77X