Tell me your opinion about this logo

This logo get hard reject, i know it is not allowed to re-submit this logo but i just don’t want to get rid of it because it takes time to develop this logo and i don’t want it to be wasted for nothing

i need to edit so i can re-upload this logo but i need your opinion first
Can you guys help me to just give one or two quick comment about this logo. thanks

++ should i remove the ribbon?

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My recommendations for changes you could make:

Get rid of the thick red outline to the shape, and possibly change the farm image so it’s not so “in a box” looking. Check other similar logos on the site to see how you can make good looking landscape images as a logo without it necessarily being in a box or frame. Also I would remove the strange white dome behind the barn, it just looks strange. Probably the bow should be removed too. Maybe make the text fit with the image a little better, using colors for example.

That’s what I would do if it was mine. Good luck!

Hi ToivoMedia,

Thanks for your recommendations,
i never thought that other people see this logo so “in a box” :slight_smile:
the white dome supposed to be the rising sun, because the whole logo will become too yellow that i change the color into white

anyway, i will post the newer version out of this

Thank you again

And the logo would be too blue if you set the scene underwater… but you just can’t get away with using red, yellow or orange water. If you have to use the sun then you have to make it yellow. Or orange. Or you could maybe get away with red. At present, people may not want to buy your logo as they may feel it depicts a dying world orbiting a white dwarf.

You could move the crops forwards to where the grass is, and the grass back to where the crops are… then you’ll have more separation between the colours of the crops and the colour of the sun. The border does seem too thick. Especially as the knot seems a lot thinner.

Apart from that, looks pretty good!

Hi SpaceStockFootage,
:grin: yes, my mistake, i wish i could blur the white dome to make it like sun shining, or just use yellow instead hehe
thanks for your input, will take it into consideration,
really appreciate it :slight_smile:

anyway, i will post my new design tomorrow

just upload this item, hope will get approved on this one or at least soft reject

Well, this is way better than the first one. Hope you will get accepted with this one!

Thanks ParizDesigns :smiley: i’m crossing fingers

Agree, looks much better. :slight_smile:

too bad, also hard reject! Perhaps not unique enough :confused:
my conclusion is that a “too illustrative” logo will less likely to be accepted rather than “simple and clear” logo

the collection of “farm house” logos is clearly obvious

I think the general layout and the typography, colours and such look nice on your newest version, but maybe re-doing the barn illustration to be more stylised for a logo could help get it approved.