Tell me about what you think makes a great author... ;)

Hey! I’ve been cramming. Cramming on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery and of course WordPress since Jan 1 (my NY resolution) with the intention to release a Theme (one day!) to sell on ThemeForest. I’ve done lots of cool things in my life (including working for Envato for a bit!) and have really decided that this is what I want to do now (I have many good, varied reasons!). I also work on Envato Studio as a Freelance CopyWriter so I know what makes a GREAT item page, and I see all kinds of every type of new feature out there, as it happens.

So I feel I know quite a bit about authors and how ThemeForest works, and while I have been smashing my brain full of different languages learning how to build Themes, I keep thinking, what is going to be the thing that I need the most?

Great design skills? Mad coding chops? Hella wild JavaScript skills? All of that?

Every time I feel like I edge closer, something else changes, be that WP Guttenberg, the demise of the Admin Panel, or a change that Envato makes on the Market (either good or bad as you see fit!) and I keep thinking, man will I ever get there?

Am I studying the right things? Why does my brain go to mush one day only to come back 150% the next? There is so much to learn!

So, mostly I want to hear from YOU guys, who live and breathe this stuff, the authors, the good bad and ugly.

What do you think makes a truly great author?


Wrote this a long time ago but it’s all still relevant and the themes never seem to change A Customer's Guide to What Makes or Breaks Items

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That’s cool!
Thanks for sharing :+1: