Tee Mockup Color Change??

I am currently working out of Adobe illustrator cs5 and I purchase the GraphicRive Tee Mockup… but I seem to not understand how to change the color of the tee… The read me file clearly states to double click the shirt layer… but this was in photoshop? I assumed because Illustrator is similar software I could do the same apparently not? Any suggestions from anyone who has illustrator and has purchased this Tee mockup.

Comment on the file and see if the author can help you :slight_smile:

quickandeasy said

Comment on the file and see if the author can help you :slight_smile:


We cant help you if we don’t have the file. Ask to the author for support

Good luck :slight_smile:

Try it with Hue/Saturation.

Image » Adjustments » Hue/Saturation…
or shortcut keyboard… Ctrl+U

there are two thingss you can do…

* check the layers pallet and see if there are any solid color(adjustment layer) available

it will look something like this the image

if you find it just double click it and drag the orb to change color.


* you can directly go to the author's home page and drop him a mail and ask for help..

hope it helped a bit.