Techno Flyer templates Har rejected - Advice please

Hello everyone,

I received an hard rejection for this Techno party flyer:

Please, notice that I uploaded multiformat versions A5-A4-A3-A2.

Could you please advice and tell me what should I improve?
It’s too dark maybe?
The image of the milky way I used was downloaded in Visual Hunt website as a public domain image. May should I indicate somewhere where I downloaded the image?


Text hierarchy being out is the key reason, the background is great, and foreground, not so sure.

If you had put OPEN DOORS, etc in place of 125 AVEN,…it would have had a better chance.


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Thank you for feedback!
Yes, maybe typography is a little mass. Maybe I need to change artist line font and size. And of course, open doors should be replaced by “start at” :expressionless: cr@ap…

Anyway, do you know if I need to be specific about the image license? It’s a public domaine image that I downloaded on
And also, may I should upload a single format PSD?

I don’t think that OPEN DOORS is an issue, and it is best to read Envato’s TOS, before using an image from a third party site, to make sure that they are compatible.

Image size,…l would personally go with the biggest format, (the customer or printer could easily scale it down).

Good luck.


I improved typography and graphic elements such as circles and abstract lines.
take a look and please, tell me what you think.

totally agree about the format.

Ignore the top bit.

Text heirachy is now more in line with what EV want.

It may get in, but probably needs lighting affects and planets, blurry headphones, etc flying about to have a real chance.


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You probably right, cause the style is more into a realistic theme then an essential and modern design…
In fact, I’m about thinking a new style for this flyer.
thank you so much for preciuos advices :smiley:

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eh eh…
I made conistent improvement, followed you advices and I added some new elements:

Again, thank you for time you spent helping me :slight_smile:

[EDIT: Resolved]

Welcome @Mister-L, and it got accepted; well done. :sunglasses: