Technical feedback on logo templates



Hi there,

I’m new here on Envato but I’m quite confused with technical organization of files needed for accept of logo template. I’m not looking for aesthetic or concept feedback of my designs. I’m doing logo design over 8 years and on 99designs I have more than 500 succesfully completed projects, designs sold and contests won. What I’m looking for is feedback about how should I organize files uploaded. Here is preview of one of my designs:

As You can see concept features two fish forming smile.

I have read all guidelines so please avoid something like: “Read this >link<” :smile:

Questions for You:

  1. Should I put all versions of logo into single EPS / AI (as in preview) or separate them (color, grayscale, standalone 1, standalone 2, etc…) into multiple files each with one version?

  2. Does file names have some impact on rejection? For example Fish logo A, Fish logo B or is better Fish logo (grayscale), Fish logo (color). You know what I mean.

  3. Am I missing some info or version in preview?

  4. What if non-free fonts are used in my design (for example part of Adobe Font Folio)?

  5. How should “help” file looks like and what it should have? Does it need to be .PDF or plain .TXT is enough?

  6. Any additional tips?

Thank You VERY much for Your help :wink:


hi buddy, well indeed, you do not need to have many zip files, u need to have all formats of your submission / logo gathered in one zip file, u need a preview zip file and one jpg preview and a thumbnail apart form the two zip files. The main (zip) file must contain versions of your work in different formats but necessarily a .ai and a .eps and an additional eps version in illustrator 10. U must have texts editable in all versions.

For the name of files, just follow the requirements that they tell you, this is better use caps For the first letters of each word and for the preview set u must have 1_preview, 2_zoom, 3_colorvarations, etc, indeed u may do a different way but u are opening the door to have someone having somethignt o say abut what u did , so just stick to their instructions, that’s better …

For the name of versions, just follow the instructions above and insert details differentiating version indeed like Logo for instance …

all fonts need to be written in the help file and and the description so that u make sure that no one asks u further process

good luck :wink:


Thank You very much for reply.

I’m working on it right now, so if You could tell me if this is ok:

When uploading I will upload:

  • small thumbnail JPEG 80 x 80
  • preview JPEG as shown here with resolution of 590 x nnn
  • one zip containing:
  • 3 AI version CS5 (one for primary logo, one for grayscale version, one with standalone symbols)
  • 3 AI version CS
  • 3 EPS version 10
  • 3 JPEG (on white)
  • 3 PNG (transparent)

All files CMYK.

I suppose preview set is not needed when I have only one JPEG preview image + thumbnail?

Example of file name >>>
Fish_Smile_Logo (alternate_grayscale_version_CS5)
Fish_Smile_Logo (standalone_symbols_EPS10)

Is this good?

Thank You :wink:


hi, u basically do not need these version in CS format if u have version 10 and CS5, now i guess that’s not hurting if u want to add them all the same

one things that u failed to understand is that u do not need one big file with both your creations and all its formats and the preview altogether. indeed , i need 1 zip file with main files and 1 other zip file with all the preview, that is to say your jpg and .png version, so basically u were wrong, u have the preview zip is required no matter what …


Correct me if I’m dumb :smile:

Main zip includes only AI and EPS files
Preview image set zip contains all JPEG and PNG files of logos and also one shown on site

I thought that main zip is one for customer so its good to include JPEG and PNG there


well indeed, u may add anything u feel like being interesting indeed, now this is not demanded , so that’s up to u … the buyer may ask u if they wish in case, u don’t have and they really need, normally they do not have a real need for this as it will be your version that u are going to include and in their cases , they will need the version that they edit … as u know customers are very likely to change the name with theirs and otherwise, they maybe even trying to change the font … that’s something that is easy for them to change so that they can identify ti what they buy from u …


Thank You, last question. I just need to be sure what file formats should I include:

In upload section there are 4 boxes:

Image Preview: here I will upload big JPEG I shown here 590 x nnn
Thumbnail: here I will upload small JPEG 80 x 80
Main File(s): here I will upload single ZIP containing all of logo AI and EPS (or also PNG and JPEG with just logo?)
Preview Image Set: ??? here what ??? this is part that I don’t understand


that’s right, the preview set is including a preview version, it might not be any different to different from the one that u put outside, it deed on you, it might be the opportunity for you to show your work in a different environment; and apart from this, u need a zoom version, that is to say to show at least a part of your design at 100% scale and after that a lot of guys like to put additional previews with additional hues and colors so that people know what the item looks like with different kind of colors …