Team Items?

I was just looking through some of the settings on my profile and I noticed this.
What’s a team item? I wasn’t aware there was anything related to teams, and I can’t find anything about it on the Knowledgebase.

Looks like a typo – it should say “one of my team’s items”.

A while back they added Author Teams so you can have other users able to post in your comments as part of your “team”. Turning that option on will notify you of new comments on any item that you have team commenting rights to.

You can manage team members at Settings > Author teams

Oh interesting, I didn’t even notice the Author Teams part. So this is only for commenting rights, nothing more than that?

Correct, it’s only for commenting. It’s mainly for authors who have support teams and want to give their team members access to comments without giving them access to their entire account. For an example, check out Avada’s comments.

Ah ok, I was lowkey hoping they were working on team accounts and that they were starting to work the features in haha.

Oh well, still learned something new.

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