Team/Business Needs Graphic Designer! (Theme: medieval, motivational, gore, video games)

My team is looking for the most perfect designer!

We would love to hire the perfect designer for our business. We are still stuck on what we should do for our brand, and we keep scrapping our ideas. We are hoping that we could give you a description of what you could help us come up with something for our brand, as this has been an ongoing struggle for us. I do have some different requests to ask of you as well if you can do them, on top of the rebranding of our company (see below).

- Logo/Branding
- T-Shirt Design(s)
- Graphic Design (social media purposes and other)
- Animation for the Graphic Design/Coding to put into a pop up alert (a plus!!!)
- Emoticons

The overall theme is motivational, medieval, some mild gore, and a twist on video games. The style we like is more of a comic style, dark and bright illustrations.

Please send us your designs/portfolio and Skype ID so we could talk more about this job.

Thank you!

Im interested

email me:
skype: randy.lopez.santillan