Teach photoshop and Html with standards

I am looking for someone who can teach the following for themeforest.net


Must have good related experience and portfolio.

Contact me at: WhatsApp

Are you looking for someone who can teach you? With you? Or who you can teach?

Here are your teachers:

  1. https://www.w3schools.com/
  2. https://codex.wordpress.org/
  3. https://tutsplus.com/

You will learn everything you need from here.

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Yes teach me.

But you already have PSD, HTML and even WordPress items in your portfolio, I mean there is always room for improvements and learning new things, but I would be surprised if you will be able to find someone who can help you to push further here.

The thing is that if you are already on the level of being able to have items on ThemeForest, you should be more then able to push further yourself, by just taking inspiration from top items, researching new trends etc. etc. I imagine that getting lessons from someone on a such level that you will benefit from it would be very, very costly, like tens of $ per hour. But kudos to you for wanting to learn more and even willing to pay for it.

Are the items you sell created and coded by you or are you simply selling work you have commissioned?

@LSVRthemes is right - to do that properly would be very expensive and in honesty experience and practice are irreplaceable

Let me have your portfolio and give me a hourly price to learn for someone I want to teach PSD and then html conversion and then WordPress?

if you can through SKYPE or Whatsapp

I am sorry but I am not offering any lessons.