td-mobile pluging and updating


after performing the wordpress and newspaper update, i have error codes that appear if there is an error in connection or on the index page (qd i am disconnected). These errors disappear as soon as the newspaper’s mobile theme plugin is deactivated.
Do you have an explanation for this concern. Here is my error code after wrong connection:

Warning: is_readable (): open_basedir restriction in effect. File (/Newspaper-child/theme.json) is not within the allowed path (s): (/ web / zebinfo: / web2 / zebinfo: / home / temporary / upload / zebinfo: / home / temporary / sessions / zebinfo: / tmp: / usr / local / lib / ZFramework: / dev / urandom) in /web2/zebinfo/www/Potager/wp-includes/class-wp-theme-json-resolver.php on line 354

Have you tried to contact the theme author for the free support?


Thanks for your help

You mean the author of theme newspaper. I don’t really know how to contact him without renewing my support.

Maybe here but I don’t know how to enter the themeforest purchase code

That’s why you need to renew the support to get the support.


Please send us an email at and we will try to help. Mention as many details about the issue as possible in the email. Also provide admin login, also cPanel access may be needed. Let us know and we will take a look as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Simion C.

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