Taxes & legislation for online business . Inspired by Ghost .

A nice and inspiring article about taxes and legislation for online businesses .
Maybe this article inspires others people.

Any idea of legislation similar to Singapore for online business?

As people in comments noticed, what they done is not legal - they are still selling to EU customers and they still should charge VAT, no matter if they are in Singapore, Vietnam, Luxembourg or the Moon, it’s simply breaking the (stupid but still) law

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Yes, I read comments. I think some people are confused.
You are responsible for taxes from your country. That’s what I think .
Maybe knows better this problem someone else from this forum …

In that case why Envato is charging VAT? it’s not how it works unfortunately, they got it wrong

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It’s possible you’re right. Probably is only for “digital goods” :

But I know people who have business in online and do not pay VAT. For example on advertising certainly does not apply VAT if you have comp. registered in Singapore and client is from Europe, he pay ad space without VAT.

Napkin written explanation is awesome from this article, I think it would help Ghost.
And if I have my business reg. in Cayman and sell digital products in Europe. What authority of E.U. it can fine me ? I think it’s more a matter of ethics. Because a E.U. contry can not have authority in that country without a treaty between countries.