Taxes and fees 50%


So i complete my w-8 form, but still i earn only 50% of sales… from 1$ sound effect i get 50 cent… is it normal?


i am from Ukraine, and buyer is from France… why i get only 50%?


50% is for Envato to run their company, but your income will be increased from time to time after you got many sales. Elite author got their 75% share from every sale.


but why 50%? where is can find explanation?


Click on ‘Start Selling’ at the top of any Marketplace page for a breakdown. Or you could read the thread on fees which has been shared with you a couple of times!


the price advertised for the sale includes a buyers fee, after that is deducted Envato takes a percentage of up to 37.5% which leaves you with roughly half of the advertised price (for exclusive authors) if ya don’t like it then i guess you start freelancing by yourself, but it will take you a lot more time and resources to do this.


Shouldn’t the “Buyer Fee” distributed according to the authoring agreement and exclusivity status. For example, 37.5% of the fee goes to Envato with the balance to rookie exclusive authors?


All fees go to Envato, both the buyer’s fee and the author’s fee. They get 100% of that, and you get 100% of what’s left.