Tax Withheld withdraw

I fill form for not US person. But with 0% of Tax Withheld. Before filling form, I have some money freezed with Tax Withheld.

Did I get refund of this Tax Withheld or not after filling form?

Did you get any answer ?

No refunds unfortunately. The tax is applied based on the information provided by the author at the time. As soon that information changes, the correct amount is applied moving forward… but it doesn’t alter the information that was provided before.

An example would be if I moved from India to the UK. The tax would be 15% before I move and 0% after… but just because I’ve changed the details on my tax form to coincide with the move… it doesn’t mean I should have always been paying 0%.

It’s the authors responsibility to make sure that have the provided the correct tax details that match their current circumstances. And it’s Envatos responsibility to make sure they withhold tax based on those details… not to handle refunds and the like.