Tax question - Non-US, paying 30% to the US?

I’m new in the AudioJungle, with the first 6 sales. Non-exclusive author. I’m non-US (from Bosnia and Herzegovina), my country does not have a tax treaty with the U.S. I submitted the W-8 form to Envato. On every sale from the US, I have an additional 30% of taxes. From the basic 20$ price I get 2,4$ (20% buyers fee, 55% to Envato, and 30% to the US). Today I had my first music-broadcast license (10 million) in the US - from the 160$ price, I got only 19$ (12%)
With the remaining money, I still need to pay the taxes for my country.
Why am I (non-US) being taxed 30% to the US? Is that the fact that I must accept, or I missed something? Thank you!

Yes, without tax treaty it’s 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales.

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Thanks, Sealord.