Tax on sales


I got a sale on my submission yesterday very luckily on my first day. I paid tax on the sale.

I did not realise I had to fill in a tax form. I was taxed on the sale but I am a UK citizen living in the UK. I have just filled in the tax form and do I now have to contact Envato for a tax refund on the sale or any further sales?

Thanks in advance.



Congrats on your sale! You wont get the tax refunded, but you will not pay tax on your sales after the tax form is submitted.


And make sure you fill in the former with your UK tax ID. It’s possible to fill it out without it, but you’ll still get taxed on US sales. Without filling in the form at all, you’ll get taxed on all sales.


Thank you.
I am not sure what the UK tax ID number is. I am assuming that it is the UTR number and if anyone from the UK knows this I would be happy to be told if this is right.


UTR number is fine (you can also use your NI number)