Tax into Your Account



Hello. Today I received a mail message. What do you think ?

In the letter was written

Your State Tax Refund Completed

today 0:48

IRS has refund your State Monthly Tax into Your Account, Due to the Recent Chase Terms and Condition with IRS You are required to confirm your SSN with Chase Bank inorder for your State Tax Refund to be Credited into your Account within 24 Hour.

Kindly Click the Below Link to confirm your SSN with Chase Bank…

http: //

Thank You,
Chase Online


That email is a scam, Phishing attempt. Delete it.

No bank (or any other legitimate company for that matter) would email you asking you to log in using a provided link to verify ANY personal info.

Look at the link… “” - that is the first clue.
And the spelling and grammar errors are more red flags.


The fact you’re not from the US, so probably don’t pay tax to the IRS or have an SSN, should have raised initial concerns. Second, if the IRS has refunded tax into your account, then why do you have to do anything? It’s going to be there or it’s not going to be there. Last but not least… do you have a Chase bank account? If not, how are you going to enter all your Chase bank account details?

I.e. like Luminary said, it’s some kind of phishing attempt.


Thank You guys ! I just knew that this divorce ! Be careful all, good luck!)


hi, unfortunately there are many kinds of things in many ways and that’s bothering, as advised above , just delete the thing :wink: