Tax Information

I keep getting emails to fill in tax information, but it’s already been done. How do I contact someone about this? Emails keep bouncing back


  1. Login to your Envato account.
  2. Go to your profile and choose Settings.
  3. Under tools go to Tax Information

On that page it should tell you when you need to resubmit the information - in my case it says:

Your tax information will expire on 1st January 2024. Please re-submit your form before expiry.

You might need to submit your details now, so hence why you get reminder emails


Got an email no saying it’s complete, but when I go into tax information it looks like it wants me to submit again.

@davetee - then resubmit it again - or CLEAR THE CACHE on your computer or device. It might be that you are looking at a cached page on the browser :wink:

Done both of those things…several times.