Tax increased?


I am a Spanish author, individual and no resident in usa. Since Envato moved to Usa all authors started to pay taxes in sales to USA customers.

Usually in a sale of 4$ item I had to pay 0.16 $ of taxes

Today I have made a sale of 4$ item and my surprise has been that the amount of tax is 0.96 $

What could have happened? some mistake? some Envato change?

Has something similar happened to anyone?

Sounds like you’re adding the tax and the buyers fee together. Is it 5% tax for Spain? That would make it $0.16, and the buyers fee for a $4 item would be $0.80 so that’s $0.96 total. I guess the important question is… did your account balance increase by $1.84 (which is right if it is 5% for Spain) or by $1.04 (which would be wrong.)

The account balance increase is $1.04

I have send message to help center. I’ll write here the resolution.

Maybe you just have forgotten to fill in this stupid form for non-US sellers?

Go to “Settings” -> “Tax information”

I have filled the form. the problem has been only in my last sale to an us buyer. Before this all was good.