Tax form fill-up error ! Help Me please..

Hello there, I am not a USA person. I am from Bangladesh. Now I want to fil-up my tax form through my tax information. But every time I tried to give my birth date / date of birth (DOB) It shows an error. can anyone help me with this… please…

Hi @istygraphic,

Date format is MM-DD-YYYY
So, in your case it should 09-14-1996


@mgscoder Thank You. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for sharing this tip. I’ve just moved to the USA. Your piece of advice is really helpful for me. Oh, that’s why I couldn’t pay my paystubs then. Now I understand. Btw, istygraphic, if you have any problems with paying for your house, you can find out more right here. I always use tho service for payment. It’s also useful for controlling your income and expenses. So, you’ll always know how much you spend and earn. Anyway, keep this topic updated, please. We need more tips for the US newcomers. Thanks!