Tax deduction detail if sales $ 6.0 statement shown only $ 1.72 only why


Anyone please describe deduction in sales. If sales made ($ 6.00 - $ 1.00) = $ 5.00, statement shows only $ 1.72 balance.

If 30% withholding tax i must receive payment of ( $5.00 - $1.50) = $ 3.50

Need Help

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You’re not including the author fee. Unfortunately, you don’t get 100% of the item price if there aren’t any taxes. If you’ve sold less than $3,750 then the author fee is 37.5% of the item price. In your example, the item price is $5. So you need to subtract the $1.50 and the 37.5% which makes another $1.875.

Are you sure it’s not saying $1.62 rather than $1.72?


Yes i am sure, $ 1.88 is deducted as author fee.

Than you very much @SpaceStockFootage


No worries. Yeah, I just asked because $1.50 and $1.88 leave you with $1.62 rather than $1.72.


Total 67.50 (30% tax + 37.5% author fee). Its too much 67.5% they deducted and only 32.50% we get. How can people work here after too much tax.

Is there is any exemption in author fee or tax deduction?


Author fees are reduced the more you sell. Also, if your country has a tax treaty with the US, and you enter your tax ID number on the W8, then you may be able to get a reduction in the amount of tax withheld.