Tax and additional charges on themes?



Technically they are no tax between EU and the united States, I select a theme and from 59 dollars it become 78 dollars thats is a cool 40% increase on the initial theme’s price?
In fact everything we purchase outside the Netherlands does not include TAX, they are none. So the tax shema looks illegal. I want to purchase my theme and not paid the tax. Anyone have an idea?


I’m assuming the seller is from the EU and it’s VAT that you’re being charged? If so, just add a valid VAT number to your account, and you won’t be charged VAT. As for not having to pay tax outside the Netherlands, there may be exceptions when disclosing VAT details like above, but I can pretty much guarantee that in most cases you will have to VAT to the country you’re making the payment to.

As an example off the top of my head… go online to and book any hotel in another EU city and it will show exactly how much you’re paying in taxes. Take this lovely looking property down the road in Antwerp…

And you’re going to have to pay VAT on the taxi to get you there, and the beer you get at the bar once you’ve checked in.


We check with our accounting Firm and indeed you should not charge the BTW [VAT], you mentioned, conveniently they have office in the Netherlands so they have to charge tax, in fact they have physical office everywhere and you don’t.

You do not repay the tax to any country and that is not ok.
If so please share the reimbursement of VAT to the country you are registered? am sure the tax you charge to us in the Netherlands are keep has revenues.



I think this may help both you and your accountants.