Targeted Upload Restrictions for GraphicRiver Authors to Support Capacity

During this uncertain time we’ve seen more people working from home and this, along with a host of other factors, has led to some of our marketplaces seeing a significant increase in item submissions.

As we announced recently, the GraphicRiver review queues are one of the marketplaces that have seen this large increase. In an effort to bring these back down, we’ve had to make a tough decision.

We will be restricting upload access for 6 months for GraphicRiver authors who have an approval ratio of 10% or less (based on the last 12 months), with a focus on print templates, add-ons, web elements items.

For authors affected, your pending items will also be removed from the current review queue, but you will still be able to upload content on any of our other marketplaces (including Elements). It also won’t affect your currently published items, which you can still earn money from during this time. If you are an affected author, we will be emailing you separately.

Although this is a difficult decision, we do believe this is the fairest one we could make for the GraphicRiver community. We need to make sure that we’re still able to deliver items that customers want, and at this time this means prioritizing authors that are able to provide this. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you if required, and we will revisit the restriction again at the end of the 6 month period.

Hi. I didn’t uploaded in graphicriver for more then 6-8 months - but i planned to upload fonts to graphicriver, can i know my approval ratio in any way ? - or can i upload my items and see what happens ?

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Will you calculate approval rate for new account too?
I have one account with approval rate of 95% to 100%, Mock-ups and actions.
but I have made two accounts. now as per your restrictions rules, only my first account will be able to upload items as second one is new…
so please re-consider about this. atleast you should review 1-2 items for that author. if he fails then you can block that author for 6 months… isn’t that right?

hi this is a really discussable decision in my view … this is sort of arbitrary … why not simply making the right decision of restricting submissions to one daily?! that would have been much more efficient and not sanctioning some people for matters of style sometimes or for being beginners trying to fit the marketplace …


Personally I like this decision. I know it’s harsh for new authors / accounts but I hope this will clean the marketplace a little bit. So no more experts / professionals with 2 weeks experience in review queue. Interesting!