tamplate is hard rejected. Is it really so terrible?

my second try to create project for videohive.
hard reject. Again.
Is it really so ugly?

I’m not an expert, but i don’t like the fonts and the colours, also everything looks so outdated, generic and too amateurish to my eyes.
Hope this helps.

Thank you Enrize.

  • but i don’t like the fonts and the colours

it supposed that customers will choose their own fonts and colors so it can’t be a reason, but as for

  • also everything looks so outdated, generic and too amateurish

you may be right in some parts. I didn’t think it could be outdated since simple flat style with long shadows was a main trend just a few years ago and still is using in some projects. But I tried to combine it with some other elements from other styles and other shapes . And it seems I failed. Those elements from different styles are good separately but together they became worse.

The only other idea why it was declined and hard rejected is that my mechanism of creation long-shadows takes too much Ae resources and project became slow.


  • You are wrong about fonts. Fonts are important part of overall design. So it’s important to use fonts which will suit well to design.

  • This ‘simple flat style’ is killed with all those shadows. Design looks dirty. Clean-up

  • I don’t like those shapes. They don’t look ‘solid’ together.

And it’s hardly possible reject because of slow mechanism of long shadows creation.


my conclusion:

  • At first - I should pay more attention to fonts

  • It’s bad idea to start from fusion different styles to some ‘hybrid’ . It would be better to start from some more solid.

  • I realised that those shapes looks bad for flat style. They may look better in some “high-tech” or ‘holographic’ styles. Meanwhile this flat style with long shadows will looks better with more simple shapes.

  • So, I can try make two completely different templates from this one and each of them may looks better then this one.

Also, Dreamyard, you said

  • This ‘simple flat style’ is killed with all those shadows. Design looks dirty. Clean-up

There are two different types of shadows here. First one is ‘long shadow’ from logo and texts. It’s part of ‘flat style’. Second type of shadows goes from entire shape of Lower-third element. I knew second type of shadows is not from ‘flat style’ and I guess it will be really better without it. Did you mean removing of second type of shadows? Or do you mean removing ALL shadows? (including thos long shadows from texts and logo)

And, let me thank all of you, collegues , for your advices and your attention.

This is the mistake that many newcomers fall into, and I did too. I thought that fonts, colors, placeholder images etc didn’t matter since they would be changed by customers. But it turned out that this was a big thing I wasn’t paying attention to. Your preview is the first thing your potential customers see, so you have to make the preview as much eye-catching and impressive as you can.

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About shadows:

In this case both shadow types look dirty.

It’s bad idea to use long shadows on small shapes.
Usually such shadows are used on backgrounds, not on small elements.