Talking about getting hard rejected!

I wanted to share my experiences in the last months, getting only hard rejected with the general message. I know it’s a business, but now I take it more personal because of the imo really unfair witheld approvals or at least some soft rejects. I will show you the last 6 hard rejects.
I’ve come to this point because I think the quality of the tracks don’t deserve this. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. I used all quality libraries, paid a lot of attention and work to the composition, mix and master and added most of the time several versions for useability. With some tracks I asked for help (in this forum), made the recommended changes, but stil got the harsh message after that. So the recommended seaking help in the rejection message didn’t have much value (for me), except for 1 track.
I know that my tracks are sometimes not exactly like the generic ones, but hey I refuse to copy, and I think that somewhat different kind of tracks should earn some place in the library. There must be buyers that don’t want cliche tracks.
Yesterday I was especially gutted by the hard reject of “Storyland”. I offered 5 versions (short-long) for useability. Also here I used quality libraries and I spent a lot of time making it. The dramatic built up/dynamics should not have been a reason for rejection (if that was the case), because several other tracks I saw got approved having these kind of dynamics. Further I can’t think of a reason, maybe you can? I’m open for all suggestions and would like to know your opinion.
This is the latest hard reject of “Storyland” (5 versions, cinematic/dramatic category):

And this “Seven Miles To Go” got a hard reject a few days ago (aim for travelling branche in folk/acoustic category):

And this “On the Run” got a hard rejection (cinematic/adventure category):

And this “Bring It On” got a hard rejection (3 versions, cinematic category):

And this “Into Hope” got hard rejected (4 versions, classical category):

And this “Cinematic Dreamy Piano and Strings” also found the hard reject here (3 versions, cinematic/romantic category):

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A quick hint, if you allow. The AJ reviewers keep stats of every author’s approval history. Your account may have accumulated too much negative “vibe”. This means that the reviewers see a bright red warning light, even before they start listening to your track.

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Hi @Soundset, that’s what I’m afraid off happens. When I started I didn’t have quality libraries and equipment. So I tried to make the best of it with the stuff I had and had to learn a lot about production etc… That resulted in a lot of rejections and obviously affected my ratio. So now I have to fight hard for every approval. But that shouldn’t be the case, because the review process is objective, right?
My tracks are way better now then when I started.
So what can I do about this problem?

Since you are an exclusive author, the only thing that comes to mind is to start a second, non-excusive account. That’s perfectly alright with the Audiojungle rules, they even recommend it. Then if your tracks get accepted there, you’ll know what the actual reason for the rejections is.

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These are beautiful compositions, but the production has some issue that explain the rejections. At least for some of them.

Storyland, is really beautiful. But the strings sound too airy, and too artificial and maybe too upfront. They lack body and don’t sit well in the mix. Reviewers are pretty strict when it comes to strings (depending on the genre), and I’m pretty sure that’s what triggered the rejection.

This is even more blatant in Seven Miles to Go. The guitars sound great, the piano is fine, but the violin sounds completely out of place and artificial. Also, I don’t know what’s going on but it sounds like there issues with the dynamic or timing of the violin.

On the Run has a prominent hissing sound throughout. I don’t know if it’s an artifact due to low bitrate mp3, the reverb that’s doing something weird, or an instrument. In any case, this is a sure reason for rejection.

I don’t hear anything wrong with Bring It On. The strings sound much better in this one. The track sounds great. Maybe it would have had a better chance if you had uploaded it to the Hip-Hop category instead of cinematic. I don’t know…

Into Hope is beautiful as well. The woodwinds sound good enough for me. Don’t know why this one was rejected either.

Cinematic Dreamy Piano and Strings has the same strings issue as the first two, though maybe not as much. The delay guitar gimmick starting around 0:38 doesn’t sound great. The idea is nice, but the guitar sounds too raw. As a whole the track has few instruments and sounds a bit thin at times. I think ambient textures would help greatly for this one.

Hope you won’t take offense at my opinion. Your compositions are great :slight_smile:

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Hello! I listened to all your 6 tracks and for each of them I will write briefly what I noticed from the flaws:

  1. “Storyland”: a lot of unpleasant noise on the upper register, which goes before 1:00 and after 1:04. I would also like to say that the idea of ​​the track is good, but is not finalized in my opinion in some respects (for example, I would add percussion in some places and maybe make the arrangement more meaningful)
  2. “Seven Miles To Go”: In my opinion, this is also not entirely refined and also the arrangement is a bit unfinished (I would also make more development in terms of drums (from 0:06 and further to give the track usefulness) or some other instruments, the strings sound a bit tight and weird (plastic).
  3. “On The Run”: the arrangement in my opinion is also flawed, and there is a lot of hiss in the upper frequencies.
  4. “Bring It On”: your percussion in my opinion is out of place here, firstly it sounds outdated and secondly I would replace it with an epic one. There is very little development in terms of the whole composition, as if the track is standing still.
  5. “Into Hope”: Very emotional and in terms of music is an interesting track. I like it.
  6. “Cinematic Dreamy Piano And Strings”: from 0:37 the sound (or on the guitar or on the sitar, I can not understand) it seemed to me not quite appropriate. Also, there is no development and full-fledged complete position. Your track seems to be standing still and not developing.

Just my thoughts! Try to listen to top tracks, good luck!


@PurpleFog @CleanMagicAudio Thanks for taking the time to listen and reply.
I have to think about what you said. Some has to do with artistic or instrument choices I made on purpose and some maybe has to do with the mp3 and soundcloud compressing. I used 8dio Antology strings, Spitfire Studio strings and Session strings2, so it can’t be the quality of those I think.
With On the Run (I think) there’s an effect on the strings that causes the noise you hear. I thought it was nice, but yes it’s not straight.
I will seriously think about all your input.