"Take Me To Church" like song and aditional Erotic/Clubby/Action songs

Im looking for a song with a similar feeling like the Take Me To Church has.

The song is gonna be used in a video with an unlucky girl in a club, doing things she does not like. It is going to turn into a slow motion action scene later, so I am looking for additional Erotic/clubby/action song…

Usually I get pretty good tips here, so if anybody has the feeling, that he has something to offer, I will gladly check it.
Thanks and have a good day.

Later, when the video will be ready, I will post the preview…

the preview

I produce dance music tracks and got some tracks that will fit for the pumping beats. Here some of them


There are tons of them on my portfolio :blush:

Hi there,

For the first one, check out Fallen Angel. Emotional, slow, heavy and slightly dark. Could fit the scene.
For the clubby track, have a listen to Hard Fashion, rough clubbing energy :sunglasses:

Good luck with your search :smile:

Check this http://audiojungle.net/item/dubstep-electro-party/6442674 and this http://audiojungle.net/item/rock-in-da-fashion-house/5566130 - both tracks have some dirty club sounds

Hi PepProduction, some suggestion:
Femme Fatale
Glamorous Show
Fashion Style

Thanks people
so far I like the house songs, especially “the dance”. that really fits into the club part. Also the Femme Fatale is good, at least I like the athmosfere.
These are the types of a clubby songs I am looking for. No agresive hardcore tones like the dub steps use, nice and smooth.

I added the video preview to the first post. So far it is only like a music clip for the song, but it is more of an accident, since the video will be like 2 times longer in the final, so I am really thinking about using some clubby music for the clubby part, action music fot the “action part” which is though sort of a slowmotion (so please do not put in hard rock action music which I cant imagine It could fit so far)…

Anyway, thanks for the posts so far.

This works nicely with your video too:

I’ve got a couple of tracks with a deeper club sound. This is a link to a 4 track deep house pack which will give you an overview of some of my tracks with that sound. http://audiojungle.net/item/deep-house-pack/4394759

Regarding Take Me To Church, are you looking for a track with or without vocals?

Here ya go, mate!

Lush and ambient arrangements in all three tracks!

I think I’ll pass on this one I don’t like the sound of your film.