Take an Elementor Template and create a page in another builder

Is it compatible with the license rules to take e.g. an Elementor template and make a page based on it, e.g. in another builder or even in pure html? I mean using the website template created for Elementor as a kind of graphic template.

Hello @zbyneksmetana

No, you need to contact the author of that item and ask for permission, otherwise that author can send a DMCA and your item will be taken down.

Thanks for the clarification

Sorry again for the same thing. I have purchased the “Envato elements” license. How can I ask the developer of Elementor template for permission to use it as an image template. Where is any contact for him?

You can only contact the developer through their profile on Envato Market (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon etc. )

Here’s an article that may help you out:

Thanks for info.

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