Take a look with me on that flyer before to upload it

Hi guys please take a look on that flyer with my before to upload it on graphicriver to
your comments and suggestion could be better and helpful before to upload that’s because to not upload it and get rejected after 5 or 6 days :frowning:
here is the link to see it

No answer !!!

hi buddy, i have to say that i really like it , but … i think that u’ll get rejected indeed , i mean soft rejected at least. Maybe u do not know this yet, but some can display vey sexy , almost R-rated models, when some other have to change anytime that there’s something sexy, in other words, unless u are lucky , u’ll have to change the model, previews and so on before u get accepted lol

Yes, l agree with Nico, way to R rated, odd’s on they will reject it on those terms.

This is going into Pornographic Model territory, so… :disappointed_relieved:

And it also has perspective issues, (see comment on other post).

And it might be tough for the customer to fill with another image.


hi Shane, do not get me wrong, for me anything goes as long as u do not see anything shocking and for me this model is not shocking indeed, she is just being really sexy … on the other hand, when u take a look at what they refuse to some guys (me included) this would not make sense if the item could make it with this preview … nevertheless, we have seen tons of strange things model wise already, so we never know and anything can happen including having some over sexy stuff getting approved … . Actually, some guys can make it with model’s wearing nothing at all and some others make it with girls who have really naughty postures or gestures and according to me this is not less shocking to say the least than seeing a small piece of cheek or a bikini or thong (i personally have been soft rejected many times because i was displaying girls wearing this , come on! that’s the 21th century all the same … I.E: a time in which any single top singing star spends more time showing their bottoms rather than singing) … . However they reject some sexy things to let go some very provocative items and that’s how the thing is incoherent sometimes. For me his model doesn’t have anything to do with porn, i can remember a guy once coming with a preview model laying on the ground and having milk going out of her mouth and in this case, this looks like porn, in the case of the flyer that warrior X is showing, this is not … . As for what u said Shane, this is perfectly true , one of the problems with this creation and in particular with this model is that , even if the creation looks cool, customers will have more trouble to find an appropriate model to replace this one, on the other hand, is that enough to ban an item for being sold here? i am not sure … let’s consider all options, 1°) the customer sees the posture and so on and needs this and will select or search for this type of model 2°) the customer maybe willing to contact the author and ask him where to buy or download or whatever the model that he’s using and this is done and 3°) the customer sees how specific the model and flyer are and just doesn’t select this item but something else. IN the end , at least in all cases , if the item is approved, then the customer is free to select depending on their desires and expectations …

Thanks guys for answers but n2n44 i would like to say do you mean model is ok ?
also i would like to say i put model link in help text file is that okay ?

I’m fine with the model. White space is usually a good thing in design, but not to much in this kind of flyer. I think the bar at the top obscures the main text just a tiny bit too much. The bar also looks like the perspective is wrong. If the bar was 3D and it was in front of the main text, then that perspective would work, but there’s nothing to indicate that it is. You should add a shadow so the perspective looks right, or alter the perspective so it appears to be in the same z space as the main text.

It says ‘a special night featuring’ but then there’s no text saying who it is featuring. Unless the event is hosting a person that is so famous then text is not required, people are likely going to want to add a name.

Hmmm, ok, Nico, but l still think that the model image is going over the line?


Hi @bunebx,

as i mentioned already in the other post, i still have the same idea for this flyer.

It is leaking in typography and the design is still being too simple and not clean.

And as Nico said, the model might not be suitable.

Don’t give up and good luck.

anyone has their opinion for this Shane, but as for me it is not, seeing a part of her cheeks is not so much of a big deal nowadays … i do agree that the posture makes it a bit more “crossing the line” but in this case, i assume that if we do not leave the choice to people then, many people could get shocked by many other flyers, too, when they have been approved … that’s right , after all there are some gay party or gay parade items, and a fellow talented author even made a SM bondage flyer and all went through … when all this can be very shocking only about the concept for some people … as for me anything goes, i am not shocked by much and i do not mind that some sexy or unusual content are shown until people really are showing nudity (or bad things) as i am conscious that some people could be shocked by this … my conclusion is that the marketplace should let people do what they like until they really do something that maybe really shocking … let me remind u that in my case i had some items soft rejected because i was using a bikini in a summer flyer and i had to change the model until i made her wear an evening gown … if u believe that makes sense, actually i don’t lol (and i am not even referring to girls supposedly titting out when some guys used highly sylliconed girls titting out much much more and could get approved with the concerned preview ;… we also have to live with our time and accept that some type of creations are using sexy contents sometimes … i will even add that i assume that people are looking for this sometimes (maybe nt all the time but people who buy are free to choose anyway … not to mention that the tone of a flyer may change with changing the model and putting something softer inside …)

well she is lol she is sexy and looks good so basically she is , now is her posture acceptable or good enough , that’s another story lol