Tag Div Composer & Demo Site

I just added the plug in Tag Div Composer and Deactivate Visual Composer. I also downloaded your demo site called health & fitness. (And I see that my old blog posts are showing up which is good).

since I am using your demo site. Do I need to totally recreate the site pages with Tag Div Composer?
And do I delete the old version of the pages?

If I need to do this then how do I do this? I am not sure where to start.

(When I edit the page using Tag Div Composer I see red bars at the top of the screen that say Invalid Page Template)


If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author for bugfix support. In this case to reach the @tagdiv author please access this url:

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Please post your questions here and we will help as best we can.

Thank you!
Bogdan B