T-Shirt Templates for other purposes?



I need to know if I am able to use a “T-Shirt Template” for other purposes, such as a skateboard deck, or a poster, or a fridge magnet for example. Many of these “T-Shirt templates” are actually illustrated on Skateboard decks on graphicriver as examples of their use! What has me concerned was the following in the FAQ section:

Can I use a T-shirt template for other purposes like a logo?
No. The T-shirt template is only for a printed T-shirt. If you’re looking for a logo see our GraphicRiver logos section, which has its own license.

This does not answer my question, instead I think it veered of to referring to logo’s. I must be able to use T-Shirt Template for other uses other than a T-Shirt, otherwise these authors will be participating in false advertising of goods, as they portray examples of their work on other mediums other than T-Shirts on your site. This doesn’t make any sense. Can someone please explain?


Look at this example listing.


Ask the Help Team here. I would be very surprised if Envato said No. It would just make no sense at all… for me at least.


So I found the answer, and it wasn’t from Envato Staff, because they are useless at replying and am still yet to receive a response from any kind, but infact my answer came from an author of the artwork in question, who was spewing at the concept of not being able to sell his artwork as anything but T-Shirts. He contacted Envato (Surprise Surprise, he got his answer relatively immediately, nothing for lowly peasant that is myself thanks Envato), and guess what the answer was:

“NO, you can only use this artwork for T-Shirts ONLY” Nothing else.

How stupid is that. 10,000 prints? For T-Shirs? Anyway, there’s a way around this corrupt service, contact the artist directly and inform them of this abomination of a licensing service, I’m sure they will be equally as surprised about the situation as my last artist who reacted immediately, and tell them to change their author exclusivity to “regular”, that way the artist can sell you a license directly, outside of Envato, not exclusively within this criminal organisation. Envato is a sad excuse for company that claims to provide effective illustrative solutions, this example even defies logic. So much great artistic potential wasted.


Author Terms Listed on Envato’s Graphic River Author FAQ:

  1. Exclusivity: When you become an author, you can choose to make your items available exclusively on the Envato Market or have the option of selling your items elsewhere. As we explain next, the percentage of revenue you receive from each sale of your item will vary depending on your choice. You can change your exclusivity status which will affect the percentage of revenue you get after you change your status.


It saddens me to read your dissatisfaction with Envato. The Author specifically wanted to get maximum payment for his sales. To do that he gave Envato exclusive rights to sell his work. Not Envato’s problem.

There are hundreds of Artists selling sketches to order on other sites I won’t mention here. Part of my company is a dye-sub printing business. I’m fortunate in having a relative who is artistic but he has his own occupation outside Graphic Art and I’ve had to find other sources.

I shudder to think I’m a supporter of Envato but you are quite wrong about Envato being a criminal organization. I’ve bought templates, themes, art and video clips from Envato for many years. When I’ve had a problem with any of them that could not be resolved with the Author, they have always credit my account (issued a refund) once I provided them with evidence of my problem.

Now here’s the ‘sucker punch’ — You cannot go around defaming and insulting a person or organization because the Author of a product choose to sell exclusively through Envato and it doesn’t suit you. There are different sections of Envato because each type of item needs different conditions. Limiting the number of times you can use an art piece is just good business practices. Suck it up.

I’d suggest if you want help, you should have due respect for the people you ask for help from. It took me precisely 12 hours to get a refund for a product. I chose to have a credit to my account but I could just as easily had a full refund.

If you want art for your skateboards, find an artist selling his/her sketches. There are a zillion of them in the yellow pages and advertising on-line. Just make sure you clearly understand what a registered design or copyright image is and get (pay for too) a license that allows you to make as many prints as you want to.


These are vector packs that would be more suitable as other things other than T-Shirts, at least if they had the option to purchase a different licence for the same work, instead of just the “Your either making T-Shirts or GTFO” factor. This Graphicriver service is garbage, I would rather my company grow without Envato’s involvement. Dealing with them on a regular basis would serve only as an economical nightmare. I’ll take this unfortunate circumstance as a sign to avoid them at all costs.


hi , i am not sure that i get it or not … are u an author or a buyer because this is completely a different story in this case … if u are a buyer , i can understand your concern but u can still try o contact the author himself and try to see what is possible to do with him or her. Let’s face it there are a great deal of people who sell the same item adapted to different formats and products so i would be really surprised that there is not a way for you to agree with the concerned author … . To the same extent, if u turn out to be an author , unless what is accepted in a way, u can very well post the same template and upload it for review as soon as this is not the same format or the same item or purpose. U can turn a design that u for a flyer and make a CD Cover out of it for instance and i assume that same goes with an illustration, no matter what is is … besides u are referring about logo, yes , this is not going to be same as a logo as u do not have a brand related , this is just the design for a product , logos have special status so to speak and i do not see what would prevent u or the author that u are interested in making another product out of a design, so in this case , a surfboard design out of a t-shirt template …


The unforeseen setback would be loosing all ground made on a kickstarter campaign or Steam Statistics accumulated because the whole product could be requested for removal from these services by Envato on the grounds of “Copyright Infringement”.


really? if the author who created the artwork that u are interested in was offering a new template specifically made for skateboards, u would not be able to make it ? as regard to what i explained (the possibility of posting the same design for other purposes) that looks very strange to me …


Everyone should use these guys instead for T-Shirt Vector Packs. They don’t have a legal team that will ruin your life, like Envato, if you use T-Shirt Vector Packs for anything other than T-Shirts.



I Favorited over 40 T-Shirt Art works from Graphic River, ALL OF WHICH THE ARTISTS HAVE ALSO PUT THE EXACT SAME ARTWORK ON T-SHIRT FACTORY! They are less than HALF PRICE for an EXTENDED LICENSE, which also includes the ability to use on ANYTHING, Mugs, posters. Don’t give these Envato criminals money when your able to get it from T-Shrit Factory, the exact some thing, for a fraction of the price.