T-shirt print

Hello! If I create a print for a T-shirt from several elements. Will I be able to sell this T-shirt with this print?

Depends on the elements you’re using as well as if it’s from Elements or GraphicRiver

hi it depends on related rights ,hard to tell without knowing what u are using in the first place …

The answer to your question depends on some basic parameters mate. However, I will try to cover out every one of those as far as possible.
First of all, you mentioned that you have created a T-shirt from several elements. Then-

  • Are those elements totally created by you on any graphic design software?
  • Or did you copy those from various internet resources?
  • If you copied those from the internet, are those royalty-free license based?

For the first scenario, if you created that print with all elements from your own- that’s very good. Congratulations, your design is ready to print all over manhattan.
Now if you just copy-pasted all those elements & edited a bit on those for the final touch, then you got some problem buddy. If not all of those elements were enlisted under royalty-free or creative commons zero licenses, then any of the original creators can claim for their artwork. On this note, not only you will lose the right to that print, but there’s a high possibility of losing any earning which you might earn with that artwork.
My advice: If you have created it totally all by yourself, It’s well & good. Go for it. If not, then create one all by yourself. You definitely don’t wanna lose any potential earning chances over all your hard work, don’t you?
Hope this helps & answers out your question. Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face: