T Shirt Designer


I know there’s a t-shirt designer that works specifically with WooCommerce but we’re looking for something more detailed.

What we currently have is a WordPress site (http://bestamericantees.com) centered around allowing our customers to design custom t-shirts. We use InkSoft which runs the Design Studio and syncs all of the products and prices with their manufacturer. The issues we face are that we can’t display products or designs within pages of our site without ugly iFrames as InkSoft doesn’t want any part in leading us in how to properly code our pages to display their product API’s. We’re not coders so trying to accomplish what Skyline Shirts did with their products (http://www.skylineshirts.com/tshirts-short-sleeve/) isn’t possible for us to do. They also run on InkSoft so it’s possible to accomplish similar feats.

Anyways, is there a design tool out there as powerful as the InkSoft one that we can integrate into WordPress and more specifically, work with WooCommerce that is more powerful than the one most people recommend on here?


Interested contact us at info@spyropress.com