T-shirt design submission has been rejected

My submission has been rejected wit out any explanations. Just this message I got:

We have completed our review of “Romantic Love in Dance” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

My artwork is fully vector and is along with uploading guidelines.
I do not understand why rejected.

Who can guide me ?

To be honest, the woman’s right hand looks like she’s entangling her dance partner’s legs with a lot of rubber cement. But that would be harmless.

I think the word “love” would look better sprouting from one of her arms than his.

The birds are very nice.

He appears to be looking out to the distance instead of looking at her. My rendition sucks, but I’m bored and I hope I haven’t been rude.

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Thank you so much

hi to be honest i rather like it, i like the abstract side but the uneven side makes it not high standard enough so that this is accepted indeed … the fact of the matter is that the face of the dancer on the right has no detail at all and differs from the style of the left one. In addition some of the part of the body are just being guessed or even look super pixellated … the hand is , sorry to say just that but i have to tell u how i feel, really awful … and u could have fixed easily with brush or eraser tools in illustrator indeed …
the typo part is much of an issue here as the disposition of the text does not only look strange but kills a bit more the harmony that u attempted to create indeed , not to mention that imbricating elements is always a good idea to generate harmony and cohesion

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Thank you very much

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You’ve traced your photos very badly. It looks like a horror skeleton breaking apart. If you trace vectors, read a tutorial or two on how to do it, then start all over and do a nice silhouette. It’d still not grant you acceptance with this similar design, but you would learn in the process.


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i think that most importantly it would be a good idea to try to use these processes for way more simple shapes indeed

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Thank you