System Status, PhP version, WP Memory Limits, PHP Execution Time

We bought a new wp template from envato. We would like to update our site. When we installed it, we got a message which was as follows:

​​System Status

PHP Version 8.1.12
WP Memory Limit 40 MB
⤏ We recommend memory to at least 256 MB.
​​PHP Execution Time 30
⤏ We recommend to increase this value to 60 or more.
PHP Max Input Vars 1000
⤏ We recommend to increase this value to 2000 or more.

​We ask for your help on how to make the recommended increase described in the message. Please help us.

Hi @AmHunCham!

Please contact your web host’s support team with these recommendations, as they should be able to make the necessary changes from their side.

If you have cPanel, they might also expose a tile somewhere in there to edit the PHP configuration. That’s where you would typically find those options, but I still recommend asking your web host for help if you’re not experienced in this area.