Synthmaster KVR331 Audio

Hello everyone,
Do any of you have an opinion on SYNTHMASTER from KVR331 AUDIO?
I had the Player for free, I am still quite convinced by the sounds offered, but obviously, it’s free so we can not modify the presets so 90% unusable in the state.

An upgrade is possible to the full version, or the ONE for not too expensive. (30 €)

I am already comfortable with SERUM and DIVA / others, so I’m not looking for a tool for Sound design, more to have predefined edits for Layering or to enrich what I can already do with SERUM and to bring a little more versatility / neutrality.

Do you think this is a wise or unnecessary purchase?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Osynthw,

KV331 are based in Turkey, and that’s the reason their synths come at such an affordable price. They are cheap, but excellent!

The Synthmaster One you mentioned, has a very pleasing character. I think it excels in plucks and shorter sounds in general.

In my opinion, it will give you a new palette of sounds compared to Diva, but might overlap with a modern sounding synth like Serum.

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Hi :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your answer, did you suggest me to go for Synthmaster One ? Or Just Synthmaster ? What are the difference between both ? :slight_smile:

You should definitely try the demos first!

Personally, I prefer the sweeter sounding Synthmaster One. The full Synthmaster has way more capabilities and a different sonic character.

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OK thanks, I will follow your advice :slight_smile:

I think Synth Master One will fit better to my taste ! Thanks again :slight_smile: I will purchase it for sure

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OK thanks for your advice ! It fit well with my need !!! :slight_smile:

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