Synth Samples production | Seeking feedback!


Hi there,

I started producing sample content, mainly from hardware synth recordings.
I’m seeking feedback regarding this work, so I can improve and move forward.

So here’s the link to the download & full story:



It’s interesting! would you please upload some samples (soundcloud etc)?


Well I created a test track using the samples only, except from the drum parts.
I’ll prepare some other samples as well!


Cool! :thumbsup: Imho it’s an awesome synth. In my point of view it needs a bit more thicker sound, like adding a “EL fatso” color. Anyway, the sound is cool. Congrats! :grinning:


Thanks a lot! I agree, I’ll be focussing on creating ‘warmer’ samples indeed.

By the way, here’s another demo:


I like the tone. I’d use in a lot ambient music


Thanks for the comment!