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I have two WordPress installations and I want to synchronize the user-database. Now we use the WordPress plugin “WordPress User Sync”, but this is not perfect. This plugin require to select a master site and sub sites. Every change has do be done at the master site. Changes at sub sites will not be synchronized.

We would need a synchronization in both ways. So the user can change the data on all sites (master site and sub sites).

Does anyone know a plugin for this? The synchronization of password/username between more WordPress installations?

(we don’t use WordPress Multisite and don’t want to use it ;))

Not sure about the plug-in but it could be possible by editing the WordPress files.
Let me know if you’re interested in to discuss the details

This would be good. Will you edit the plugin or wordpress files direct?

WordPress files, not the plugin

Dont know how well versed you are in editing / using databases and whatnot, but this might be helpful:

It’s not too difficult, and does exactly what you want, without needing a plugin.

This is a great tutorial, but my problem is that the WordPress blogs have two different databases… I didn’t found a tutorial to use one user database with two different databses…

Yes, each WordPress site has its own database, as it should.

The only thing getting shared between the two are the user tables, all the other stuff is seperated, as it would be normally.

this would be good, but in the tutorial it is written:

“To be able to have the two websites using the same database, you have to use different table prefix for each install.”

My two installs are not on one database. I have two different databases…

Ah ok, you’re right, I see what you mean now.

Hey joeberlin,

You’r best bet is probably a custom made plugin that can establish database connections with your other sites’ db servers, and push the information out, a little tricky, but it can definitely be done. The big questions will be:
How often are you adding/removing sites that you want to synchronize with (ie do you need a UI in the backend)?
Do you want one way or two way communication between the sites?

Regardless of your answers, it’s still doable, it’s just a matter of the size and complexity of the project.

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I don’t know if this thread is actual, but you can try this Plugin: Wordpress user synchronization

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