Sync for Podcast


apologies if this question is out of the realms of Audiojungle, I’m happy to take it down if it’s not relevant here.

I’ve written a jingle for a podcast which I’m also producing for a brand. I agreed a fee for the jingle as an add on to my recording, editing and mixing fees for the podcast.

The track is not currently on AJ, it’s a brand new track made to fit the vibe of this brand.

I haven’t got much experience with contracts so am looking for some advice as to what to send them.

I have an old contract template I’ve used in the past for a youtuber, before my AJ days, which gives the licensee the non-exclusive right to use the master in perpetuity on their youtube channel.

I told the client I was making them a bespoke jingle and they are happy with the sound. Does this mean I should send them an exclusive contract because i used the word bespoke in my communications with them?

Are there any template contracts available someone could point me towards? Would you advise me sending them something similar to the AJ contract?

If I’m able to remain non-exclusive with this track I could also put it on AJ as my AJ account is non-exclusive.

Any help greatly appreciated.