Switching PROs - Need some help

Hey gang,

I’m curently considering switching PROs and as far as I’ve been told I can be part of one PRO on their home territority and the other one for the rest of the world - simultaniously. Which one, I haven’t decided yet. However, the PRO I’m considering switching to is responsible for the territory which aires the majority of my broadcast placements. So my question would be:

Has anyone of you fine gentlemen been trough this process or is able to share any information on this subject matter? I’d appreciate it.

Many thanks!

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Hi Myke I am going trough that process right now. I only have some basic info.

  1. You write a letter (or fill a form) to your PRO letting them know that you want to use them for their local territory and telling them which PRO is going to work globally
  2. They send that letter to the 2nd PRO to initiate the process of “disabling” their worlwide and pass the control to them
  3. You have to wait until the 2nd PRO receive the confirmation from the former PRO to start the your user/author registration process.

That is all I know as I am just starting. I am saying bye to my 3rd world PRO (where I have to fill forms and write the score for EVERY SONG, and pay a fee for each, obviously ) and switching to SGAE from Spain. I would choose an North American one but you need a address from USA as far as I know.

Good luck in this process, I’ll be lurking this thread to read other experiences

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You don’t have to be a US resident to sign up with a US PRO. I signed up with BMI without any issue… and I no longer have a US address, since they kicked me out.

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Yes, you don’t have to be a resident nor citizen of the U.S. to join BMI. I’m from Germany and not with their local PRO, but thinking about joining another PRO for local territory, also not a German PRO. Choosing a PRO can however have an effect on how long it will take till you get paid.

If your majority of placements is U.S. based and you indeed have trouble with your current PRO, then I’d do the switch. However, I read somewhere that you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can leave a PRO.

By the way: Is it possible to assign 2 PROs to the one Audiojungle Profile?

Thanks, I thought you needed an US address, I was sure I was asked for one some years ago when I asked. Obviously not talking about being a resident.

It does take some time but at least they recover that money.

You do have to wait time till you change, but I don’t think it should be more than 1 year. It might depend with each PRO