Switching product registration to a new domain

I bought a copy of BeTheme for use on a website that I was developing under the temporary name “rcbw-test2.club”, and I registered my purchase of BeTheme to that domain name. So far so good. Then I redirected the name rotarybelvoirwodonga.org.au to the same site, and I started using that name all the time. That’s when I started to experience trouble (e.g. failed update of the Revolution Slider plugin, which is packaged with the purchase).

So I tried to switch the BeTheme registration to the new domain. I went to http://api.muffingroup.com/licenses and deregistered the old domain, and now I can’t see any way to register the new one.

I have the BeTheme licence certificate, including the purchase code. It says to direct queries to https://help.author.envato.com .

if you already deregistered then you can register the theme license from wp-admin of the website. check Appearance => Themes or theme options.

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Thanks mgscoder. Within wp-admin, I have looked at BeTheme->Dashboard and it tells me that the theme is registered. And indeed the theme seems to be mostly working. However, when I log in to http://api.muffingroup.com/licenses/ (using my product ID and my ThemeForest username), I get this message:

{“error”:“No registered licenses for this purchase code and username”}.

assuing a record of theme license activation saved in your wordpress database. have you any options to unregistered/deregister/deactivate the theme license in Dashboard? if yes you can try to deregister and register again.
Otherwise you have to contact theme author going through their support.



Perfect! I deregistered/registered and normal service has resumed. Many thanks.