Switching off the 'Beta' Author Dashboard - Item Performance tab now available in new dashboard

Today we are shutting down the Beta Author Dashboard and focusing our efforts on the Envato Author Dashboard. We are committed to making it simple for our Authors to get all the information and signals required to be as successful and effective as possible.

You may have noticed that we have been migrating the core features from the Beta Author Dashboard to the Envato Author Dashboard while adding improvements and extra features along the way.

We have a bunch of exciting features and insights planned for the Envato Author Dashboard in the new year and cannot wait to share them with you.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out. A huge thank you to all that have helped us shape the tooling and provided input along the way.

Thank you.

Jimmy J - Content Product Manager


Seems to me that doing so is unfortunate, misguided and premature, considering its two main advantages - mobile compatibility and Most Downloaded Items at a glance - are not yet implemented on the non-Beta dashboard. Unless I’m missing something.


It would be great to have ability to generate some sort of invoice or evidence of payment in pdf format for each month that envato pays us for Elements and Placeit with all the tax deductions info.
That would ease our bookkeepings. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please… :pray:


@EightBallAudio thank you for your honest feedback.

You are correct in that the ‘most licensed items’ report was not brought across, our focus has been on giving a rich breakdown of item performance through earnings data (in the Envato Author Dashboard); with the ability to compare across different timeframes. This decision was driven by author interviews and surveys, however, we plan on developing even more portfolio and item-level performance indicators in the new year.

One thing we’ve been focusing on is making it easier to get everything in one place, and avoiding confusion by having insights that can seem conflicting. Next quarter we are actively exploring how we can make the Envato Author Dashboard optimised for mobile, and look forward to shipping that experience for you.

@Eduard_1337 we’re aiming to add that functionality in the new year!

Thank you,
Jimmy J


Thanks for your response.

Although the information may seem less important than how much revenue is generated by each item, Most Downloaded Items gives immediate feedback as to how new items are being received by the public, within a few days of their release. Revenue information is far slower and less dynamic.

Is there a particular reason why Most Downloaded Items information is no longer available? Is there any way to reinstate it until it becomes part of the non-Beta dashboard?


Thanks, @EightBallAudio it came from feedback from a majority of authors that it was not as meaningful and seeing more detailed earnings came out as the strong preference.

With that said, we’re happy to explore this as you are correct; the immediate feedback of licensing events that do not require earnings calculations is certainly beneficial.


I strongly agree and that section with mostly licensed/downloaded/viewed items was mostly used and important and it was taken away. Why it couldnt stay I dont get it, Im sure no one complained about it as people complain now not being there anymore…please envato, bring it back or create something similar asap :wink:


Very bad decision, beta author was very useful.


Beta Author Dashboard was probably the only tool that, as far as my memory is correct, caused the least problems and there was a lot of interesting and valuable information, such as the most downloaded items, which has already been written here. Strange, none of the authors who participated in the interviews mentioned it. In my opinion, Beta Author Dashboard should not be closed yet.


I can only agree with all the guys who say that Beta Author Dashboard was really very cool and helpful dashboard. Its interface was really nice, the Most Downloaded Items was a very helpful section, I used it all the time. I really hope that the Most Downloaded Items will be brought back!
Actually I don’t think Beta Author Dashboard should had been closed - or at least all its functions can be brought to Envato Author Dashboard.


The Most Downloaded Elements is a very necessary and important function for authors, I don’t understand who it interfered with ?! Here the authors are asking to bring back this function


Hi @StudioEtude @az_studio @EvalMiko @EightBallAudio we’ll have a look at reinstating the most licensed feature asap.

As mentioned above, we’ve got some plans for some more in-depth and valuable insights that will add even more value in the new year, so will try and get this back up and running until we’ve added the new features.


Jimmy J


Thanks a lot!

It would be great if the new dashboard were mobile compatible like the old beta dashboard as well. It’s currently quite difficult to use on the phone.

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Any idea when Most Downloaded Items is going to be reinstated?


I hope this feature can be back, so we can see how our item going on after publish

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Hi @EightBallAudio @kanvas_kosong, the team has been off due to the end of year holidays, but most of us are back from now so will be working on it ASAP.

Will keep you posted.


Thanks @Jimmy_J
Any idea when it will be reinstated?

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Hey @EightBallAudio we’re looking at getting this done next week, but it will be even better than before. We’re wanting to add functionality like rank changes to make it even more valuable.