Switch name and email from my envato account to client after freelance work is completed.


So I am a freelancer and built a website for my client. They had paid me my fee, and also the price of the theme/license to buy on their behalf.

I have finished the site, and I am getting ready to handoff all the media files I made, login credentials to wordpress, etc…

I was wondering regarding the license, am I doing this right…

I am going to delete all the theme related files off of my computer. I was then going to change all my personal information in the envato account I made for buying this theme to his name, email, address, etc…

I would then advise him to change the password, and I would be done with the account. I did not save any payment info for when i bought the theme. So that should take care of removing myself from the theme and license, and give him the access he needs to download any updates, the theme files, etc… and effectively take over responsibility of the theme and license, correct?

When we made the agreement, it was outlined and understood that I was buying it on his behalf, and then would be handing off everything to him, and he would then be responsible for adhering to the license terms, which I had him read and agree to understanding before initiating our project.

Does this cover all my bases?


Sounds like it, yes. You’re good to go