Swiss logo silver video template is crashing

Hey Guys,

is anyone having the same issues with the Swiss silver logo video template.
It crashes AE CC continuesly.
It gives memory errors and I cannot render it at all.

I have changed the logo’s, tried several things, minimilised the project file…nothing helps.
Any one of you the same experience?

This is the link:

Thanx for the help!

Hi Marc,

If you are on a Windows machine, you can use the Windows Event Viewer to track what is crashing it.(click on Windows Logs->Application)

Another option is to increase the allocated memory In the Adobe software, by going to Adobe Premiere or After Effects -> Edit -> Preferences -> Memory (I always leave 2GB for other apps and the rest for Adobe apps)

Also, the best option is to contact the template author, maybe he can help, although Envato Elements subscriptions do not come with support.

A method I am using successfully to boost speed, memory and rendering is the one described here, for me it works:

Videohive authors will also help better with this, I’m convinced :slight_smile:

Hey Hevada,

thanx for the quick reply. I am using a Mac :wink:
This is the only template that crashes on my Mac. I have 6GB for other programs and 26 GB for AE etc.
That should be enough. There is also a disc cache for AE. Don’t think it is a problem of my AE or my Mac.

I will try to find the template in the normal Envato site or maybe find the author.


Kind regards,

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you can download it from here and ask for support.