Swing rejected. Please comments even if they hurt me!

Hi guys!
After uploading my second contribution within the genre of swing music, it has finally been rejected.
The first one was accepted but it is a track with a melody and very simple structures.
I have never before climbed a rejected track at the disposal of the community, since once dismissed I consider that there is little to do. And you have to go for something else …
However this time it is important for me to know more details about it, since it has been several hours away from the queue and subjected to “special conditions” temporarily to later receive these comments by the review:

“Despite several original ideas here, this submission does not quite meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples / recording / mixing / mastering) standard.For this reason we will not be able to approve it, regrettably …”

It has been weeks of work and I was quite proud of this presentation with up to 5 versions. So it’s been a little hard … :frowning:
Thank you very much for your help, so please accept any comments but made with affection, although it hurts me …
Anyway, I’m already preprando another new track of the genre, to see if there is more luck next time!

Thanks in advance.
Good sales

Hey, good idea, but in my opinion - there are a few things that I did not like: the first snap of the fingers, at the beginning of the track have a large distortion of the compression and long reverb…
secondly, starting with 0:13 I hear the Closed Hats in the right channel, which breaks away from the mix …
third: Time 3:50 - some pause in the track…
All this is sufficient for rejection track :frowning:
P.S.I would advise to revise you work and try to upload the track by correcting mistakes.
I listened your track in headphones:Audio Technica ATH-M50x, and on the monitors: Mackie MR6 mk3

Hope it’s help!

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It’s a really good composition, great melodies etc! I assume this genre is not in high demand on AJ so they probably only want something that sounds less `midi’.

It’s not too bad though. Far too much reverb on everything though. It seems really washy and underwater due to the reverb. Also it’s too short at 1:40

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Just came to say I think this is a great track! Little heavy on reverb, but it’s a great track!

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Great composition!

For me the issues are:

  • too much reverb
  • snare sounds too artificial (especially the rolls)
  • the low frequencies are too weak. The bass is not loud enough (and maybe not full enough), kick is too weak.

The brass could do with better samples, but I think they’re good enough to pass review.


I agree this is a nice track! But there are some issues:

  1. The first thing that strikes me is the guitar. It really doesn’t sound like a guitar. Use a real guitar if possible or another instrument, like a good sounding piano.
  2. Theres to much reverb on the guitar and drums.
  3. The kick drum is too active and disorganized. In my opinion there should be a soft kick drum hit on every beat or it should accent the hits in the brass. The snare drum is too loud.
  4. The main melody in the brass and the rhythm section doesn’t quite glue together as the rhythm section play a swing/shuffle rhythm but the melody is played with straight eights. Try to “swing” the eights a bit more in the melody.

I would also consider bringing in a chord instrument. It sounds like you’re using Project Sams Swing library, I think the manouche rhythm guitar there works great also in a big band setting.

Edit: just wanted to add that the hi hat is in the left channel in my headphones.


Interesting track - if you send me the audio stems for each track and the midifile I would like to have a play! gballx@hotmail.com

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Yes, you are right on the left channel of the expense, I made a mistake when translated into English :slight_smile:


Hi! I think that track is very cool. But there are some mix problems (to much verb on some intruments, ect). try to mix it better, work with details and I think this track will be accepted. Hope it helps you. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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The two obvious issues for me are the reverb on the snaps and this issue @Hyperprod beat me to saying:

Not a bad song, though, @Realitybeats. Good luck!

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Hi guys!
Thank you very much for all your answers and comments!
I did not get notification from any of them until now.
Unfortunately, in this case they did not give me a second chance. So all of them will be taken into account for future productions.
Many thanks to all and good sales!