SWIFT from Envato

Hi everyone!

Quick question for recipients of SWIFT payments from Envato. How looks the statement of the received transaction? I mean what is written in the description of Envato translation to your Bank account?

Maybe someone will copy example of one Envato SWIFT transaction here (of course, without specifying personal data). Thanks!!

I’m not using it but usually your full name is on the description section

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It depends on the country you are receiving payment in. For me, my bank convert the amount in my local currency from USD and issue FIRC for the inward amount. The bank statement says ‘INW 190722Ixxxxxxx USDxxxx.xx@xx.xx’

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You can get an USD account in your bank and receive the payments in USD if you don’t want to get the exchange rate automatically. In most countries, banks exchange rates are not really good. You can cash out the money from the bank and get better offer elsewhere

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