Sweet, Elite!

I haven’t been active much past couple of years…I have kids now so have not had time to create templates as of 2015. Hope to create a few more as kids get older and time frees up a bit.

But, glad I finally made Elite, it’s been around 5 or 6 years since my first template. Never been featured so it’s been slow and steady but it makes it even more special that I got to Elite on my own.

Thanks to Envato and to all the customers that have purchased my templates. Much appreciate it!




Wow! You’ve done well with just 27 items. :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Congrats mate!)

Great, congratulations, @facade! Children grow so fast, just try to catch all precious moments of their childhood and then return to Envato with renewed vigour )

Congrats! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks all!