Swapping tracks in the queue.

Hi. Thought: what if you implement the replacement of the track in the queue . Example: There is a track that is in the queue for 5 days and there is a need to replace it with a track that is in the queue for 5 hours. let this chance is given 1 week (for example). Why is it necessary? one of the reasons is when people do not have time to the date of the holiday or two tracks in the same style in a row. I don’t nastaivaju just thought about it.

I do agree it sounds nice, but consider this scenario:

An abusive author decides he doesn’t want to wait, so he uploads a fake placeholder item before his track is ready, and then swaps it for the real deal a few days later. Effectively, he just cheated the queue.

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So what? in any case, he waits his turn and no matter the zip is empty or not)

This idea complicates things and calls for abuse and manipulation. Why not simply plan your uploads in advance like everyone else? You can create your own virtual queue on your hard-drive.

What is heavier : a kilogram of cotton or a kilogram of iron?

If you’re referring to the heaviness of an object as its weight, rather than mass, then it’s possible for either option to be heavier or lighter than the other… if they are in different locations or states of motion. Mass is more or less fixed, weight isn’t.

But to address the point of your question… I’m assuming the reason you asked this question is that you’d rather not have to wait (by deleting an item and starting the upload process again) any longer than possible if you need to alter a file in the queue. So the whole point of your suggestion is to reduce the time you have to wait. But if you did allow this to happen, as others have pointed out, people would abuse the system by reserving spots in the queue… which would only increase wait times. Surely you wouldn’t want a ‘phantom item’ to be ahead of you in the queue if it would have been behind you if such a thing wasn’t implemented?

So if wait time is of importance to you, that should be a valid concern. If wait time isn’t of importance to you… just delete the item, fix it and re-upload.

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It’s also possible to fix the item while it’s on queue, and a day before its expected release, upload the revised version as if it were a new track (without completing the process) and let it sit. As soon as you receive the approval email, edit item and complete the upload.

I want to change the Track that is in the queue for 5 days on the one I have uploaded at the moment. The reasons for such need may be a large amount of: holidays, trend analysis styles, etc.

Even if people will try to manipulate this, then it won’t work. In any case, “he” is biding her time. Make the restriction on the number of substitutions. I already wrote I do not insist just a desire to change the order of tracks for review to the reviewer that wrote this idea.

It sounds good in theory,but in reality it won’t work so well.
And in long perspective it’s better for authors too,because author can learn from every mistake he made to become better and more expirienced.
But,yes :slight_smile: Sometimes, I wish this feature was implemented :slight_smile: