SVG Support

Hi guys!
Well, I have read a few posts and agree the layout doesn’t exactly inspire confidence…:wink:
I was looking to ask a dirty question…
I would like to know how to add svg’s to Jupiter…read some info and it doesn’t, at first glance, seem that straight forward and am hoping someone will put me right on that…
I am new to WordPress and want to find some answers to questions before committing myself to spending money…
Wasn’t entirely sure about choosing a category from the drop down list…:wink:
Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding svg’s…


Are you asking Jupiter WordPress? You should contact directly to their support service, they’ll answer your quest best :smile: @artbees :smiley:

I’m a graphics guy and not a Wordpress guy, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Wordpress issue and not a theme issue. If you search for SVG (In Plugins) there is a plugin that allows SVG support. I’ve used it and it works great. Not sure why Wordpress doesn’t integrate it.

Thanks guys!
That helps me…:wink: